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03/03/2013 PM
        About PVE and Items

Will there open more contents for role playing players? Such as: the player housing, more expression, urban clothing and chair able to sit and so on.

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: we are always looking for fresh and interesting content to the Guild Wars 2 gold players to show off, and we will continue to add new weapons and equipment of the skin, the town of clothes, title and other system which will allow the player to show a sense of accomplishment. This is very important link in our game, and we will never stop adding and improvement.

  Q: Could you give us a detailed description of the different types of the task? What inspired you to make this type of content?

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: We want to make the content is that need guild cooperation to complete activity, and this type of task content is challenging, so you must to do their cooperation with other players.

  I will introduce the guild bounty task, because it will be the first to be release content. Task will be divided into three difficulties, which allowing different numbers of guild according to their ability choose to finish it. After you activate the task, you need to search for and defeat these monsters in each map of the inner world in a limited time. Each encounter is a challenge, you must overcome them, and distribution enough workers to beat them in limited time.

  The task of higher level will need to beat more boss at the same time, and other guild players can also help to finish, so that also means that these challenges need a lot of guilds between the communication and cooperation. This is our main purpose; you must work hard for the glory of a guild.

  Q: Do you have a plan to use a living story system to add more new map exploration for our players? And at the same time, we will be regularly to open more maps/story plot to meet players adventure desire?

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: We have several plans about the living story. But now we do not want to add new map exploration for our players. We will add more content in each map. Our system will allow us add more dynamic and continuous development of the game content in each map.

  Q: Are there any plans to add more back jewelry? If there is, what kind will have? (Such as cloak, wings, bags, books, weapons sets, the bullet bag, etc.)

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: Yes, we are going to add more back game items.

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