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Guild Influence in Guild Wars 2

03/04/2013 AM
  Look at the game name, Guild Wars 2, it’s about wars among guilds, that means, we should pay more attention to the guild influence, which will affect your role in the guild and also your guild in the game as well. This time, we are going to talk about how to gain guild influence.

  As we all know, what you and your guild participate in (while representing your guild) will bring you influence rewards, like attendance and participation; and also you could gain guild influence by using some consumable and coins. If you have enough Guild Wars 2 Gold, then you could gain much influence very efficiently.


  Make sure of 20 members at least to log in every 24hrs to gain the based 200 influence so that you could join Guild Missions as soon as you have unlocked it.

  · +10 influence per logged in member, for the first 20 members.

  · +5 influence per logged in member, from 20 to 50 members.

  · +1 influence per logged in member, for each additional member after 50.


  Encourage your guild members to participate in Events, Dungeons and PVP games that could bring you guild influence continuously.


  · +2 influence per member for solo completion.

  · +20 influence for a group of two or more members completing the event.

  PvP Victories

  · +5 influence per member.

  Dungeon Completion

  · +10 influence per member.

  · +100 influence for a group of three or more members completing the dungeon.

  As I said before, if you have enough Guild Wars 2 Gold, then you could gain your guild influence very fast. At the early beginning, if you have bought Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of the game, then you will rewarded the Tome of Influence that could bring you 1000 guild influence. Mostly alike the Tome of Influence, Letter of Commendation will bring you 400-1000 guild influence. Both the Tome of Influence and Letter of Commendation are not so recommended to rely on. As for coins, again, only if you have enough Guild Wars 2 gold, updating your guild by purchasing from the Guild Promoters.

  · +10 influence for 2 silver

  · +100 influence for 20 silver

  · +100 influence for 2 gold

  · +10,000 influence for 20 gold

  And also, you could gain some Guild Discovery of small, medium or large that might bring you 50, 100 or 300 guild influence, however, considering the dropping rate and amount of the rewards of guild influence, better to skip this in order to save your gems and Black Lion Chests.

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