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New WvW Ranks and Abilities are Character Bound

03/07/2013 AM
  Habib Loew, the Guild Wars 2 gameplay programmer,who has a talk about the new additions on WvW, that the new WvW ranks and abilities will be character bound.

  "There are 2 methods to earn what we are calling World XP right now. Those are joining WvW Events and killing other Guild Wars 2 gold players. As you earn more World XP your rank will go up. Every sum of World XP with give you a rank and that will give you a new title in WvW. I.e. right now you only see the "Invader" title. These titles will alter with your rank. With each rank, you will earn points to cash in on WVW abilities. The capabilities are generally passive to start with skills like doing more damage to guards or taking less harm from the siege."

  "Right now there are predominantly passive abilities going in with this patch. We've capabilities like: being able to carry more supply, being more effective against specific sorts of NPCs, being able to do more siege damage, or being more resistant to siege harm. Once again, this is our first patch so as we go further there will be more active skills added. Those are an extremely fastidious balancing act to add and we want to get them right for the players. Not only is it about balance, but there are design troubles as well, like where do we put the buttons on the UI? We are obliged to take all of that into account.

  With the original release, there is no class or guild restrictions. These skills should be available to everybody. We undeniably need players to picture the skills as specializing your role in WvW not your class. Maybe you play more in the siege role or in the close combat role. These capabilities are there to strengthen those. It's everything regarding your role in WvW regardless of the class you play."

  It sounds pretty good. WvW is looking as healthy as ever, and from the official news we know that is not the last patch, Guild Wars 2 will have more planned to update later.

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