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Guild Wars 2 - neither expansions planned nor Guild Wars 3 currently

03/07/2013 PM
  Colin Johanson, director of Guild Wars 2 says in an interview, that there is neither expansion planned for MMO currently nor Guild Wars 3 currently.

  Guild Wars 2 has no extensions or as a successor in the works. That's what Colin Johanson said when he was in an interview with the English-language website IGN.

  "Extensions are what we will consider in the future. But we have no timetable for it now. I think our main focus as a studio is to pursue the concept of the living world to play as much as possible for all our Guild Wars 2 gold players. (...)

  We want to have the opportunity to build our teams new, and have more innovative features in Guild Wars 2, even change the way how you played in our game. The game experience is to grow, so that it feels as if you would never leave away from our Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 will be growing into Guild Wars or Guild Wars 3 and 2.5. "

  To previous Guild Wars released three partly alone executable extension packages.

  Currently expanded Guild Wars 2 event series is the Frost and Flame. Hope that can make all of you have a good time.

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