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How Guild Wars 2 plans to survive

03/08/2013 AM
  It is true that Guild Wars 2 have no plans to expand at present. Many players may concern that what will the Guild Wars 2 do in order to survive in the MMO's competition. As far as I am concerned, the ArenaNet is working to reduce queue times for World vs World matches as well as increase the number of Guild Wars 2 gold players, and they also have set PvP to receive a massive overhaul; after added this matchmaking, they will soon add the ratings and a leaderboard to prepare the game for a potential future inclusion as an eSport.

  But I think that if the ArenaNet can expand things like the new guild system to be more sand-box like with self-generated content, that may be able to escape such trappings.

  I'm still currently playing this game in hopes of an expansion.Here I really do wish ArenaNet do their best to provide more interesting contents for our players. But if anything fallout from each of their attempts at walking the line, as with the new dailies and guild missions, is somewhat entertaining to watch.

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