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What you can do with ascended rings?

03/08/2013 AM
  As most of our Guild Wars 2 gold players may have many ascended rings, and they do not know what they can do with these rings. Therefore, how to deal with these rings is worth paying attention.

  First, I think you should make them able to be turned in to an NPC for some sort if currency that you may purchase things like packs of materials with or something else.

  Second, due to all this ascended gear currently can't be sold on the TP and they possibly can't even be salvaged, although it would be wise for you to give it a go before you decide to merchant them. Here I think if you have the space. Hang on to them for a bit just in case any changes are made in the future that would make them useful. It's like some of the superior useless signals in my bank. They can't be forged and they aren't worth very much when sold. So I'm waiting to see if there will ever be a patch that allows them to be forged.

  Regardless, congratulations on getting too numerous ascended trinkets. Some people are still working hard on outfitting one toon with them, let alone having enough for their troop of alts.

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