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Amazing MMORPG, Incredible Guild Wars 2

03/08/2013 PM


        As the development of Internet Technology, MMO games are getting more and more popular from the young to the old, especially the new generation youth, which have even made people not realize what have happened and some new ones come later. It also makes the game companies busy like bees, being surviving or being obsolete. However, only those who have been playing some games or have experienced the joy of the games would really feel what it is really happening. There might be a lot of game companies all over the world though, the joy of the games belongs to the Guild Wars 2 gold players who have been playing it.

  As we all know, ArenaNet is a game company, established on March, 8th, 2000 in North America, made of some elites from Blizzard. Just like the Founder, Mike O’Brien said, "We founded ArenaNet to innovate, so Guild Wars 2  is our opportunity to question everything, to make a game that defies existing conventions." Obviously, they have made it so far.

  "We do not want to build the same MMO everyone else is building & in Guild Wars 2 it’s your world, it’s your story"- Ree Soesbee, Game Designer. You will feel amazing whenever and wherever you are in the game based on the incredible background and colors of the characters’.

  "We want to change the way that people view combat." - Colin Johanson, Lead Content Designer, ArenaNet.

  "The most important thing in any game should be the player.We have built a game for them."- Ree Soesbee, Game Designer.

  Guild Wars 2 has been doing something brand new to MMORPG from the game stories to the combat to the micro-economy system. You could do trades via the Open Plat- Trading Post with Guild Wars 2 gold players in the game by selling or buying items for or in Guild Wars 2 gold. It doesn't feature the “holy trinity” of Tank, Healer and DPS, instead, every class is close to sel-sufficient, still team work is what Guild Wars 2 paid much attention to by the design from reputation rewards, PvP system, WvW system to guild running and so on.

  There is too much to say, and only you come to play it and know it gradually, you will feel its incredible power. Play it now!

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