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Some Common Sense of making gold via Black Lion Trading Company

03/09/2013 AM

 As we all know, Black Lion Trading Company is playing a very important in the economy system of Guild Wars 2. You could gain opportunities continuously, not only to show your goods to all Tyria citizens but also to gain best goods from them, as long as you want to get to learn it. It is a place with good returns. Here are some common senses of mine:

  1. Listing Fee

  When you want to sell your goods at Trading Post, it might cost you 5% off the amount of gold you listed for your goods, which would not be refunded even if your goods are not sold out in time, for example, if you are going to sell Twilight for 1000 Guild Wars 2 gold, then you have to pay 50 Guild Wars 2 gold as listing fee, even if Twilight hasn’t been sold out within the time you expected or been canceled before it’s sold, the 5 Guild Wars 2 gold will still be deducted from your bag. It exists to prevent players from using TP abusively.

  2. Taxes

  When your goods Twilight was bought by some players, you will lose another 10 Guild Wars 2 gold as tax fee. However, if your goods Twilight hasn't been bought within time you set, then you don't have to pay the fee.

  3. Tips on doing business in Black Lion Trading Company

  (1) Price Suppression, is to list your goods at the lowest price to attract the buyers, usually lower by 1 copper. However, you should be very clear that in fierce competitions this kind of ways will be risking, because if too many players to use the same way to let their own goods showed in the first place then the price for this item will be corrupted.

  (2) Resell, there are 5 steps to do this to gain profit quickly:

  a. Goods with good profit;

  b. The ideal amount;

  c. Considering the tax;

  d. Count the profit;

  e. Gain profit.

  Of course, it is not so easy to gain much profit if you don't pay much attention to it.

  (3) Predicting, is a way of higher level. It risks a lot even it could bring you considerable profit in a very short time or medium term, however, it might also make you go bankrupt shortly. You should be focusing on the updates and news about changes in the game.

  (4) Market Manipulation, is harmful, greedy by increasing the price factitiously to enlarge the profit of some item. For example, on 4th Jan. the amount of lemongrass decreased from 7359 sharply to 741 in about 2 hours, and then listed up again at 24 silver/one, which made price for these items is crazy higher than it really worthies. Luckily, it was fixed later.

  (5) Post News in order to increase the price of some item, which is considered as speculation, similar as Market Manipulation made by greedy merchants.

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