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Any expansions will be addition to Guild Wars 2? Not yet

03/10/2013 AM
  Colin Johanson, the chief director of Guild Wars 2, who openly admitted that the studio does not have any limits on additions to the game, and there has no expansion to be expected in the near future.

  In the first game add-ons read almost replaced the subscription. At this time, the people of ArenaNet do not have concrete plans on releasing additions it's MMO.

  Extras, there will be something definitely will look into in the future. We do not have any deadlines. We are open to them, but I think that the studio should primarily focus on improving the concept of the living world for the Guild Wars 2 gold players we have.

  Colin Johanson also said the probable continuation of the topic, saying the game would be like Guild Wars 3.

  We want to be able to determine the teams that will create new things changing and expanding the way to offer a better game experience, so they want to be able to have teams that are literally developing new, innovative features that change the way that you play the game and grow that experience so it literally feels like you don't leave Guild Wars 2; Guild Wars 2 becomes Guild Wars 2.5 or Guild Wars 3 and it continues to grow."

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