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Warrior in WvW in Guild Wars 2 with a Rifle

03/10/2013 PM


        I heard from some players that they are going to try warriors in WvW in Guild Wars 2, and they are also concerned about the performance of warriors in WvW. I will share some experience with all of you about Warriors with a rifle in Guild Wars 2, where they perform very well in WvW of course.

  First of all, lets see the builds:

        Strength 20 with Berserker’ Power, +12% Damage when full anger bar and Great Fortitude that could transfer 5% Power to Life;

  Arms 20 with Deep Cuts, +33% Sunder Armors when Crit hits(+50%Bleeding time) and Crack Shot;

  Discipline 30 with Heightened Focus, 9% Crit Rate, Signet Mastery and Quick Bursts, -20% CD.

  Some one might ask why not Accurate 30, with Quickness. Well, in WvW, if you run to flag, you might be easily killed. And Quick Bursts will short the CD time of the skills, which might make up the disadvantage. As for Strength 20, I think it’s not doubt, as it’s so practical, isn’t it ?

       Secondly, Rune, Superior Rune of Rage with +2%-5% Crit Damage, +20% Furry time or Furry with 5% Crit Damage.

  As for Weapons, Superior Sigil of Bloodlust (+10 Strength when killed an enemy, disappears when weapons switched) and Superior Sigil of Force should be the best choice for now.

  The key to this building is Rune with highly Crit Damage combinations. Of course you should spend Guild Wars 2 gold to prepare some food such as Curry Soup with +100 Accurate and 10% Crit Damage rate and some Transfer Rocks for Life to Strength, and also Atk 3900+, Crit Rate +85%-116% would be better.

  It’s just a few views of my own, and I am looking forward to yours!

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