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Update Notes on 7th March in Guild Wars 2

03/10/2013 PM


       There were some updates on 7th March, when some bugs were fixed.

  In Frame&Frost, there was a bug that might cause Pausing of the invaders in the events.

  In this update, players from different servers could get guild missions and gain rewards when finished it (2 Guild Medals) only if they are on the same map. And also fixed a bug that prevented the rewards giving not according to the extra numbers of players, and the bug of Boss Sotzz the Scallywag refreshed immediately has also been fixed.

  Have you ever come across the problem that the process ended when Hywel was killed on Striking Off the Chains? Well, it’s fixed. And also on Quests of Striking Off the Chains and Liberating Apatia, the boss won’t call for more monsters any more.

  A little repairs on classes as well. Have you ever noticed that there were some unusual performances for melee attacks? Of course it was fixed. And the skill The Prestige will cause explosion after it’s close to end.

  Not much more new in this updates actually, for Guild Wars 2 gold players, I am sure you have been expecting for new patches, aren’t you? However, we will keep updating with latest news. Good luck and enjoy more!

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