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New town clothes added to the gem store!

03/13/2013 AM
  As the ArenaNet said before, that March will be a month of sales in the gem store. There will be some items on sale from 15% to 40% off at begins and ends every day at midnight PST.

  Yesterday, I've noticed something else in the gem store, there are a few new town clothes added to the gem store!

  Which include:

  Casual Hoodie: 200 gems

  Designer Hoodie: 400 gems

  Leather Hoodie: 200 gems

  Riding Boots: 150 gems

  Riding Gloves: 150 gems

  Riding Pants: 200 gems

  I wonder whether this will permanently push the gem prices up. And if it happens it shows people have a lot of Guild Wars 2 gold lying around, which is contrary to popular believe that Anet is starving all of us of gold. For me, I'm hoping to see a discount on the additional character slots similar to how they had the discounts for the bank tabs. If Arenanet made these sales on certain months per year, lots of people would be spending their gems on these items on those particular months.

  And we also showed some screenshots of each item, have a look !

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