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Guild Wars 2 players complained about the lags and disconnects problem

03/13/2013 AM
  Guild Wars 2 is under great pressure by negative headlines due to massive lag issues at this moment. In the official forum, a corresponding thread has over 1,000 posts. In recent days, the community managers have called for data collection to address the problem and get to the bottom. Although the bottlenecks were identified, but a solution has not been found yet.

  Since the latest update in February, many players of the online role-playing have reflected that the problem of frequent lags and disconnects from the servers. That appears to be primarily affected the telecom customers.

  For this problem, Guild Wars 2 Community Manager Ramon Domke gives a guide on how to set up the port forwarding. He asked the concerned players to leave the online role-playing game and run on a trial basis through the online port 80, and then tell the results to the creators. But this method should not be used as a permanent solution which can only serve to isolate the fault.

  The head of the global community team of Guild Wars 2, Martin Kerstein, has apologized to the players: "It is understandable that you are annoying when you can not play, but Internet routing is a complex matter, especially the portions which we have no direct control to."

  Up to now, the problem is still not solved yet, we hope the ArenaNet will do their best to find the solution as soon as possible. And for our Guild Wars 2 gold players, what we can do is to wait patiently.

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