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Culling in World vs World, what do you think about it?

03/14/2013 AM


        Habib Loew, posted on Guild Wars 2 Official site that there will be some updates in WvW in Guild Wars 2 in the upcoming patch on March 26. It’s about culling in WvW. If you have ever joined a big game of World vs World of a large group, then you might have probably experienced there was something usual, that is, you might not see the enemy players even they didn't use any invisibility skills during the battle, isn’t it weird? It was caused by the game system, explained Habib Loew. However, it will be fixed soon in the next updates. Still, I was wondering how you guys think about it. If you are feeling some worried about those changes affecting the game client, as every updates may bring some huge data packages, which I am sure most of you might not get used to.

  As it’s reported, characters could be seen via High Resolution Models, Lower Resolution Fallback Models and Nameplates Only, and also two more options will be added to help Guild Wars 2 gold players select how WvW characters are shown easily, that is, WvW Character Limit and WvW Character Quality. Here are two screenshots about with culling and without culling, which you could figure out more clearly.with Culling.without Culling.

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