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Is Guild Wars 2 too casual for you?

03/14/2013 AM
  Yeah, as many people have played Guild Wars 2 for a long time, but there are few players have reflected that the Guild Wars 2 is taking casual gameplay to the extreme, nothing is even remotely challenging.

  They complained about the culling and lag problems, and also the downed state lowers the skill ceiling in sPVP too much.

  What's more, the design exploitable dungeons are poor which is too easy and unrewarding. The open world PVE is so mind numbing that you can auto attack any NPC to death; even those world event dragon bosses.

  However, some Guild Wars 2 gold players have different views about the dungeons. They think that dungeons are only a mess if you don't know how to play as a team.

  Yes, I've played the game for one year, and I also think that the game is way too easy. It is very casual, one of the easiest games I've played. Nevertheless, I think there are people who still like it just because it's casual while it doesn't mean it's bad. So if you like it, just enjoy!

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