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New additions to GW2 will make the game more complicate?

03/14/2013 AM
  Has Guild Wars 2 become too complicated? That is a question while Forbes gives us an answer to it. Because they have had an interview with Isaiah Cartwright, GW2's lead designer, which talked about the dungeons and currencies, and most recently, the addition of the guild system.

  ArenaNet has been adding a lot of reward systems to give Guild Wars 2 gold players more goals and achievements to accomplish. Such as the daily system, currencies and new dungeon type called the Fractals of the Mist were added into GW2.

  When asked why they've added so many additions to the game, Cartwright explained that: "We didn't want to get into a gear-grind scenario, so what we did be adding a new tier rarity called 'Ascended items.’ We wanted to add a step in there to insure that people had a lot to do."

  Cartwright also addressed how the team is catering to guild content, saying that ArenaNet wants to improve smaller guilds more able to compete on the influence gathering area.

  Maybe most of our players may concerning about the question that will GW2 become too complicated because of added so many additions, Cartwright said that: "I want us to slow down on the number of systems that we're adding and polish up and clean up the ones that we have added so they're easier to understand, with better UI for them, those types of things, that'll be some of the stuff that we're focused on in the future."

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