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Guild Wars 2 improves WvW visually

03/15/2013 AM
  It is never too late to make the pictures beautiful...

  The most impressive picture in Guild Wars 2 is the history massive battles of World vs. World, as ArenaNet has decided to transfer the technique of culling, which is a little clipping for the characters. In order to save resources, some characters were invisible... But that's all over!

  From 26 March, the new update gets rid of this process so that also posed a lot of problems (such as: confusion, Guild Wars 2 gold players who win in stealth, etc.). Which we will take into consideration precisely is the display of the crowd will complete cause performance issues.

  So, ArenaNet adds rendering options on models, and even visible (and this time you can control only to display the names if desired).

  That will we go into the next-gen or not?

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