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Guides for Warrior as Tank in PVE in Guild Wars 2

03/15/2013 AM
  If you have experienced PVE in Guild Wars 2, you will find out that Warrior might be the target of the monsters’, therefore, I would like to build my Warrior as a Tank. Here are some guides about the building, weapon and skills combination and experience of my own, which has increased the ability of surviving and decreased the damage from the monsters by using blocking, meanwhile, Shout could heal yourself and allies around Guild Wars 2 gold players.


        As you can see in the picture, I chose PTH suits, PTCr Necklace, Sapphire Orb in Runes and Armor of 3.3k, 2.9k damage, 1.2k healing.

  As for Weapons, Main-Hand, Sigil of Force increases damages and Sigil of Life in Off-Hand to increase life or Sigil of Bloodlust to increase damages.

  Traits: 10/0/30/30/0

  Strength 10 in Adept will get you Reckless Dodge to evade enemies’ damage when rolling and Berserker’s Power to allow you damage to increase according to the fury. 1st Order by 3%, 2nd order by 7%, 3rd order by 12%.

  Defense 30in Adept will get Guild Wars 2 gold players Thick Skin to gain extra Defense points when life is higher than 90%; and Adrenal Health to reborn life according to the fury orders in Master; In GrandMaster, Armored Attack will transfer 5% of Resilience to Power; Cull the Weak will bring 5% extra damages to the weakness enemies; Sundering Mace will bring 10% extra damages to the enemies with conditions with 20% CD duration off. Increasing Resilience and damages sharply. Usually, 5% of Resilience means 100 Power or so. Only a little bit pity on +15 life reserved will not be increased according to Healing;

  Tactics 30 in Adept, Determined Revival will reserve you 5 Resilience according to your level when revive somebody else; Fast Healer will speed up Revival by 10%; in Grandmaster, Reviver’s Might will get your allies nearby Might when you are reviving the others; Empowered will gain you extra damage from your charities; Lung Capacity, Shout CD off by 20%; Vigorous Shouts could gain healing: when Armor is above 3k, it will decrease the damage on you as every Shout will heal yourself by 2300 or so; For Great Justice and Signet of Rage will bring you 3 charities all the time; Empower Allies makes the allies +70 Power. Healing Skill, Healing Surge; Skill#1 Shake it off; Skill#2, For Great Justice; Skill#3, On my Mark; Elite Skill, Signet of Rage; Tips: Healing Surge could provide the most life reserve, however, Release F1 to reserve Fury; Guild Wars 2 gold players could use Mending to remove conditions instead of Rune of the Soldier; On my Mark could bring huge damage when Sunder Armor gets to 10; when you have to kite the monster then switch to Fear me; try to AOE monsters in front of you.

  Advantage: Great Tank power with amazing life reserve and damage decreasing, which could provide you great ability to survive; two blocks to prevent many hits; Shout could help allies reserve life and have buff on; huge damage on weakness monsters;

  Disadvantage: Damage is relatively low, lack of AOE skills, two blocks seem useless when no attacks.

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