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Guides for Flame&Elixir Engineer in Guild Wars 2

03/16/2013 PM
  Engineer is the class that much close to the modern life, as they use modern weapons, like pistols, rifles and so on, which might make some of you get into it, doesn't it? No matter what, I am going to share some experience about Flame+Elixir Engineer:


  Firearms 30, Rifle Barrel increased Pistols, Rifles and other weapons’ range, Precise Sights could get 50% rates to bring weak the monster by 1% damage when Crit Strike; Juggernaut could gain me Might of 15 seconds in 3 seconds and 200 Recilience when I have Flame Gun on; Sharpshooter, 30% rates to cause bleeding when Crit Strike; Target the Weak, +10% Crit Strike rates when hit targets of life below 50%; Target the Mained, +5% damage when hit bleeding enemies;

  Alchemy 30, Fast Acting Elixirs makes Elixir skills’CD -20%; Deadly Misture, +15% Elixir and Flame damage; Backpack Rehenerator, as long as you have packages on, Guild Wars 2 gold players could gain life reserved; HGH is some skill for those who are enough confident;

  Tools 10, Speedy Kits makes 5 seconds agile when switching packages; Adernaline Pump reserve 10% Energy by using Belt skills; Incendiary Powder gains 33% rates to cuase 2 second burning of 3 second CD when Crit Strike;

  Superior Sigil of Bloodlust/Superior Sigil of Strength when Condition;

  Superior Sigil of Strength when Direct Injury

  Flame Gun could gain me 6-7 buff Might; It has to use Evade skills to avoid damages; Flame Gun brings 10% extra damage on burning target; Of course, combined with signet and traits will make all this more efficient!

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