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First edition of “Guild Wars 2 ComChat" published in German

03/17/2013 AM
  Features, updates, changes, and the like regularly offer is hot discussed in Guild Wars 2 forum. But now, according to the new official video podcast format "Guild Wars 2 ComChat", these themes are regularly discussed with changing talk guests. The first issue is coming now!

  Subject to the first edition of Guild Wars 2 is ComChats interaction. With the new guild missions' coming up, the vertical progression and ascended objects, the dungeon design and fractals are all become the main topic of discussion.

  The panel discussion will be led by the German Community Manager Ramon Domke, a guest in the first edition of Benny Ninjalooter, Klaus von Wartower and Markus of GuildWars2Info. In the coming episodes, these guests will gather different perspectives, opinions and ideas with the German Guild Wars 2 community and then do some changes to make the game more interesting.

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