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"Invisible" characters will no longer in Guild Wars 2

03/17/2013 AM
  Guild Wars 2 has announced that they have finally been able to resolve the problem under the mode of World vs. World. The appropriate correction will be included in the next patch, which will be installed on the web server on March 26.

  The creators of Guild Wars 2 emphasize that the simultaneous display of a large number of characters on the screen can have a negative impact on game performance. That is why they have provided several options for a solution. Holders of powerful computers will enable to customize the presentation of high quality models of characters in PvP-battle. Others can choose a low-polygon model or even with the display of only the plates with the names of the characters.

  Gamers will also be able to specify how many characters to display the full models, and name tags. According to developers, with such fine tuning, that will allow Guild Wars 2 gold gamers to ensure optimum performance in Guild Wars 2 and start getting the most out of PvP-battles.

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