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GW2 Lead designer responded to accusations of overly complicated game

03/18/2013 AM
  Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Isaiah Cartwright spoke to reporters on Forbes.com recently about some complexity aspects added in the game. He said that the presence of a large number of currencies in circulation is intended to mark the success of Guild Wars 2 gold players in overcoming various categories of content and that is not a problem. However, the developers realize that they cannot indefinitely add new game system and currency. So, ArenaNet will slow the introduction of new systems of Guild Wars 2 and do some efforts on the switch part to improve existing systems. Another possible measure could be to limit access to a number of systems to a certain level. Such an approach would enable the gradual of the game without simultaneous users on tipping the variety of game options.

  Along the way, they also touched upon the difficult lives of small guilds because of high prices in the guild currency influence to access some content. Cartwright said that ArenaNet has already aware of this problem and are looking for ways to solve it.

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