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Ten years of Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet has ready for the challenge

03/20/2013 AM
  In an interview with IGN, Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johanson is back on the road completed in the latest six months and outlines a state of competition in the coming years.

  It addresses in particular the health of MMOs, the difficulties and risks inherent in the genre. Prior Guild Wars 2 has succeeded in meeting the commercial and gain critical success, but there are also much remains to be done, both in WvW, PvP or PvE.

  However, ArenaNet is ready to make Guild Wars 2 a juggernaut for the next ten years, and well able to survive the arrival of any competition through innovation.

  What do you think of these statements? Do you think Guild Wars 2 is able to improve and innovate for the next decade? And what new contents will update for Guild Wars 2 gold players ?

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