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Guides for Grenade&Elixir Engineer in Guild Wars 2

03/21/2013 AM
  As you can see we have shared some experience about Flame+Elixir Engineer, this time we are going to have a talk about Grenade+Elixir Engineer.

  Equipment: Berserker+Rampage should be the best choices, both of which have Direct Damage and Condition Damage. Switch to Rifle for damages when moving, as Grenade couldn't make accurate predictions on the monsters, obviously, it’s great combats for much damages on moving. Superior Sigil of Strength brings in 30% rate to cause Might when Crit Hit, Superior Rune of Adventure with Condition Damage, combined with Elixir R, Guild Wars 2 gold players could gain enough Vigor.


  Explosives 30, Grenadier, 1500 range+ extra grenade, it’s indispensable for this build; Enhance Performance, combined with Boon Trait, brings in 3 buff Might when healing; Shrapnel, makes explosive stuffs brings 15% rate bleeding, combined with Rampage’s Con Damage.

  Firearms 10, Rifle, extend the range of Rifle’s, suitable for those Bosses need much movements; Precise Sights, 50% Crit Hit rate to cause Sunder Armor, combined with Grenade could gain full Sunder Armor points.

  Alchemy 30, Fast-Acting Elixirs, indispensable for Elixir, CD off 20%; Cleaning Formula 409, drink or belt skills could remove some conditions instead of Elixir C; HGH, all elixirs offer 20 seconds Might, might be the heart of this build.

    Skills: Elixir H, Elixir B, Elixir R, Grenade kit, all elixirs provide 20 seconds Might with CD off; Elixir H CD of 20 seconds, Elixir B CD of 32 seconds, providing Might’s Boon easily for a long time, and also, Elixir H could bring in stable healing, combined with Superior Rune of Adventure, bringing in continuous Vigor; and Rifle will also bring some might, combined with Direct Damages, all skills will gain most efficient damage; Elixir R could be switched to Elixir S in order to remove some Hold conditions, and Elixir S is a little better in some situation.

  In a word, this build brings you security for distance damages and more buffs of damages from Might, and also team skills for removing conditions, fast revive Vigor and improve Dexterity and Revive skills in distance.

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