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Guild Wars 2: The Razing, eliminated the annoying culling

03/21/2013 AM
  At this moment I think most of you are waiting for the update scheduled for March 26 will finally arrive, and ArenaNet will eliminate the annoying culling in Guild Wars 2 this update.

  For these Guild Wars 2 gold players who have experienced the game may concern that some of them proved to be invisible during the sessions agitated WvW with large amount of characters, or more simply were not loaded by the client. Thus making it troublesome and approximate the clash.

  Fortunately, this problem has been solved in the new update and some new entries also have been added in the options menu of the game client. That is to avoid overloading the client, especially for those players who have already played for several years.

  Among the new options, you will have the possibility to choose the resolution of the skin with the characters, and can also having had the chance to view them in high definition, low resolution or only the name of the character, if you really loved our pc.

  You can select how many characters rendered to load the client and which will be in high resolution. All of this work is to provide additional epic clashes in World vs World obviously and improving the quality of play for everyone.

  In addition, this new update will also be introduced in the third of the four-part saga of Flame & Frost, which was called The Razing. We cannot know what exactly is waiting for us at this moment, but we are hoping to be called upon to fight to defend our homelands from total annihilation.

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