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What about Pistol-Pistol Thief in PVP in Guild Wars 2?

03/22/2013 AM
  As we all know Thief is a kind of class that relies on initiative while other classes rely on CD of their skills. Thief gets 12 points of initiative recovering 1 point a second. Every Thief weapon skill requires initiative, however, they don't have CD, which allows Thief to use them any time during his deadly attacks. Thief is also born with a gift of Stealing that brings him a useful weapon related to the type of the Thief’s enemy. Meanwhile, Thief’s dual skills make him stand out, depending on the combination of weapons worn on the left and right hands.

  Today, we are going to have a talk about PVP Pistol-Pistol Theif’s performance in PVP.

  Weapon Sets: PVP Pistol-Pistol&Shortbow, PVP Harpoon&Gun-Spear

  Skills: Sneak Attack, Body Shot, Unload, Head Shot, Black Powder, Hide in Shadows, Shadowstep/Shadow Return, Shadow Refuge, Haste, Basilisk Venom.

  Primary Stats

  Health 14095 (+3290) Vitality 1245 (+329)
  Armor 1980 (+0) Toughness 916 (+0)
  Attack 3334 (+1389) Power 2254 (+1338)
  Critical Hit 49% (+45%) Precision 1860 (+944).

  Secondary Stats

  Condition Damage 150 (+150)
  Condition Duration 25% (+25%)
  Critical Damage 58% (+58%)
  Damage 1080 (+5%)
  Defense 1064 (+0)
  Steal Recharge Rate 15% (+15%)

  Runes, Sigils, Accessories& Jewels
  Rune Bonuses

  PvP Rune of the Scholar
  Power: 25
  Critical Damage: 3%
     Power: 50
  Critical Damage: 5%
  Power: 90
  +10% damage while health is above 90%.

  Rune Stat Totals

  Power 165
  Critical Damage 8%

  Accessory Totals

  Critical Damage:20%

  Weapon Set 1
PVP Pistol- Pistol (Sigil of Superior Air+ Sigil of Superior Bloodlust)
  Weapon Set 2 PVP Shortbow(Sigil of Superior Fire)

  Sigil of Superior Air
  30% chance to cause a lightning strike on a critical hit. (This effect cannot trigger more than once every 5 seconds)
  Sigil of Superior Fire
  30% chance to cause flame blast on critical hit causing AoE damage. (This effect cannot trigger more than once every 5s)
  Sigil of Superior Bloodlust
  Guild Wars 2 gold players gain +10 power each time you kill a foe. (max 25 stacks and ends on down or weapon change)

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