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Guild Missions, how much have you completed??

03/23/2013 PM
  As we all know on last updates, there were some new guild missions that have to complete with your guild members. How much have you completed so far?

  Bounty Hunt Training, should have be the most creative guild missions in this patch. It helps small and casual guilds get to access guild contents, even though it’s some easy to complete, it still requires team work, of course, you won’t miss the rewards, will you?

  Three New Guild Bounty Targets, 2-Mult&Big Mayana&Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler, you may have to pay more attention to them, as they are more sinister than ever before. I am sure that those events could make Guild Wars 2 gold players and your guild members more skilled and know each other more.

  And now, we are going to share some Explore Points for Guild Missions:

 Anya’s Patch- Diessa Plateau, where you have to jump to. It’s close to Town of Nolan;

Altar Brook Lair- Queensdale, where wolves here and there, close to Altar Brook Vale;

Arctodus Haunt- Wayfarer Foothills, white world, next to the Icesteppes;

Backroot Fountain- The Grove, close to Scholar’s Terrace;

Badjelly Kelpbed- Snowden Drifits, right in Valslake;

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