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New Content for the guild missions and WvW progression system

03/24/2013 AM
  As for the soon appears update of Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost: The Razing, ArenaNet has revealed more details about the new content released now.

  March update of "Frost and Flame: The Razing is going to appear on 26 March 2013. And this update is mainly about the living story in Tyria. Moreover, even more news like the WvW progression system and new content for the imported with the February update guild missions will be announced.

  The new progression system WvW

  Henceforth, the warriors gather to WvW battlefields, and world experience is the new WvW ranks what one releases. From each rank, you can invest in special WvW capabilities with the WvW ability points you get. The new capabilities cannot make the character itself stronger, but they can provide useful skills for WvW activities. So you can, for example, carry more inventories, or even might receive new siege weapon skills.

  Moreover, when in conjunction with the ArenaNet WvW-ranks and also includes the new world title. This will have no impact on previously purchased items or achievements. Improvements of WvW point table and the WvW interface are also included in the March update.

  New content for the guild missions

  For the guild missions launched in February, there is also supplied. Firstly, for the bounty missions added three new destinations. But beware; the fugitives should be more insidious and dangerous than the previously advertised bounty targets.

  In addition to the bounty hunting training, you will see a new mission type. That is just small and medium guilds which will provide the opportunity to unlock the new guild missions. The bounty hunting training mission is ready as soon as the guild war art has explored the third with the fee of 300 influence points and 72 research times. For training, we obtain instead of guild marks will influence 3000. Guilds also added new rewards such as a new set of weapons and a few new siege plans. Hope all of our players will have a good time at this game, and if you need any help to buy guild wars 2 gold or guild wars 2 items, pls contacts via our live-chat as soon as possible.

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