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Guild Wars 2 - Major Mesmer Builds (1)

03/24/2013 AM
  Mesmer is a class, weaving a web of illusions, conditions and phantom sources of pain to control the battlefield (and other players). She is also a great magical duelist who wield deception as a weapon. I should say, one of the abilities I like most is Clone, and Gw2 gold players? This time we are going to have a talk about some builds for Mesmers:

  DPS Builds suitable both PVE and PVP:

  Weapon: Sword&Focus, Greatsword

  F1 Distortion F2 Cry of Frustration F3 Diversion F4 Distortion

  Skills: Mind Slash (Mind Gash-Mind Stab), Blurred Frenzy, Illusionary Leap (Swap), Temporal Curtain (Into the Void), Phantasmal Warden, Ether Feast, Mirror Images, Blink, Feedback, Time Wrap.

  Primary Stats
  Health 17082 (+2000) Vitality 1116 (+200)
  Armor 1836 (+0) Toughness 916 (+0)
  Attack 2058 (+200) Power 1116 (+200)
  Critical Hit 16% (+12%) Precision 1166 (+250)

  Secondary Stats
  Condition Damage 100 (+100)
  Condition Duration 20% (+20%)
  Critical Damage 20% (+20%)
  Damage 942 (+0%)
  Defense 920 (+0)
  Healing Power 200 (+200)
  Shredding Recharge Rate 10% (+10%)

  Rune Bonuses
  PvP Rune of the Eagle
  Precision: 25
  Critical Damage: 3%
  Precision: 50
  Critical Damage: 5%
  Precision: 90
  +5% vs targets with less then 50% health.

  Rune Stat Totals
  Precision 165
  Critical Damage 8%

  Accessory Totals
  Rampager’s Amulet+Rampager’s Jewel

  Condition Damage:644

  Weapon Set Sigils:
  Weapon Set 1: Sword+Focus (Sigil of Superior Hobbling+ Sigil of Superior Debility);
  Weapon Set 2: GreatSword (Sigil of Intelligence).
  Sigil of Superior Hobbling
  When you apply cripple it lasts 10% longer.
  Sigil of Superior Debility
  When Guild Wars 2 gold players apply weakness it lasts 10% longer.
  Sigil of Intelligence
  Your next attack after swapping to this weapon while in combat has a 100% chance to critical.

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