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Guild Wars 2 skill lags lately to be solved

03/24/2013 AM
  Earlier in the week someone posted on the forum about Guild Wars 2 skill lag lately. He said that the skill lag has been getting worse day by day. What's worse, he cannot use the abilities in WvW, even when hitting a skill and it goes off 5-10 seconds later. That makes him very frustrating and annoying.

  Yeah, that's really a bad feeling when you playing a game, during prime time the game would become almost unplayable due to network lag. So if you want to play it, you have to play after 9.30-10pm. Otherwise the game lags like crazy. It is even worse if you go to specific zones like Diessa Plateau and Wayfairer Foothills.

  It is necessary to deal with the skill lag. On the one hand, that will make older players disappointment with the game and even get far away from the game. On the other hand, as the new updates added into the game, the skill lag will be a big problem for Guild Wars 2 gold players to experience.

  As we have reflected this problem to ArenaNet, but they said they are working on it and without anything else. We hope to hear good news from ArenaNet as soon as possible...

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