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GW2 items discount for welcoming the March patch

03/25/2013 AM
  Have you been keeping up with ArenaNet's ambitious and fast-moving Flame and Frost goings on so far?

  Beginning March 26, Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost: The Razing has welcomed its new times, with this new update; you'll be able to see way more players on-screen in WvW, even in the largest pitched battles!

  Yes, I think most of you cannot wait any more to experience its change. But do not worry. Tomorrow is your time!

  In order to welcome the Guild Wars 2 March patch’s coming, gw2goldbuyer.com is also prepared some special offer for our customers here. As you may see at our homepage, three Guild Wars 2 items are limited on sale within 10%-30% off. You may choose what you want.

  This promotion is from 26th March to 31st March. gw2goldbuyer.com reserves the right to cancel or change any promotion without notice at any time.

  You may take a close look at our privacy policy and FAQ to learn more about our website. Any question about our website, pls feel free to contact us via live chat.

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