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Guild Wars 2 March patch brings new changes

03/27/2013 PM
  The release of Frame & Frost: The Razing marks the arrival of the long-awaited World vs. World patch for Guild Wars 2. At this update, there are several aspects have changed, such as the new Name Change Contract, the Communal Boost Bonfire and Fused weapon skins are all added to the Gem Store. The new Name Change Contract may be the highlight of this update. And during March 26th to April 1, 2013, Guild Wars 2 gold players can transfer to all medium population worlds without a fee. Once you have bought the Name Change Contract from the Gem Store, which means you can place the Name Change Contract in the inventory of the character whose name you want to change and then double-click to activate it.

  Of course, while the addition of story elements is always a plus, the real meat of this patch has to do with the adjustments to World vs World. While last month brought some much needed changes to the PvE side of things, this month will see the same treatment being brought to the war mode of the game. Of particular importance is the removal of culling, which made enemies come up as invisible to players until their models were loaded properly, causing unintended surprises (as well as helping Thieves to be damn near unkillable with stealth). There will also be a new progression system, allowing players to unlock WvW specific titles to help them stand out and abilities that can help them survive in a siege.

  Yeah, with these great new changes and updates were made for the Guild Wars 2, I think you must have a good time at this new patch, what do you think? Are there any aspects which you may unsatisfied? Just let us know...

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