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Guide of getting Rox's and Braham's living story

03/28/2013 PM
  Still do not know where to get Rox's and Braham's story quest from? Here we will introduce how to finish it quickly in our guide. Enjoy get out there get it down and get your karma.

  Rox's Story

  Rox: Critical Missions - Black Citadel

  The picture gives us an overall picture of what we need to do to get the Rox. First, you need head to this instance The Command Core in the middle of Black Citadel. Imperator's Waypoint if you have it unlocked. Watch the cutscene between Rox and Rylock and then talk to Rox to get the achievement.

  Rox- The Hatchery - SW Diessa Plateau

  North Nolan Hatchery is located on the SW corner of Diessa Plateau. You will need to escort Rox as he traverse through the instance. This instance is like a personal story instance and can be soloed. You are automatically scaled to L80 regardless of your actual level.

  Defeat the Molten Invaders

  Destroy the Sonic emitters: 0/4

  Secure the hatchery against the Molten assault.

  Hold out against the Molten alliance.

  At the end of each even is a veteran mob that you will need to kill.

  After you have completed the last event, a Champion will spawn with two body guards.

  Defeat the Molten resonance specialist and his minions: 0/2

  Avoid the red circle on the ground and you will be fine. He isn't hard to kill.

  Completion rewards (check your mail as well)

  2x Karma Gift box (2000 karma)

  2 Bags of Coin

  Rox's Treat bag (12 slot account bound bag)

  Braham's Story

  Braham: Help from the Legions - Black Citadel

  Blood Tribune Quarters is right next to the Command Core instance. Watch the cutscene and talk to Braham after to get the achievement.

  Brahm - Eirsson - Hoelbrak

  All you need to do is to head to Hoelbrak and then go to the Great Lodge. Watch the cutscene and then talk to Braham to get the achievement.

  Braham - Retake Cragstead

  Head to the NE corner of Wayfarer Foothills and you will see the entrance to enter Cragstead. Like the Rox instance, this one can be easily soloed and you are bumped up to L80.

  Defeat Molten Invaders

  Protect Cragstead's villahers from Molten Invaders

  Rescue kidnapped Cragstead villagers

  Stop Molten Kidnappers

  The last boss is a champion Molten Munitions Specialist with a fire wave attack that can knock you down on the ground if you don't avoid it. Not really hard to kill fortunately.

  Completion rewards (check your mail as well)

  2x Karma Gift box (2000 karma)

  2 Bags of Coin

  Communal Boost Bonfire (grant 60 minutes bost to karma, experience and magic find to anyone that touches it)

  Completing both Rox and Braham's story will give you the achievement Hero's Aid, which gives you 10 achievement points.

  Hope that can help you do faster in the Guild Wars 2 gold game!

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