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Complaining Air Attuning in Guild Wars 2

03/28/2013 PM
  Some players complained about the problem of Air Attuning in the forum. And that makes them annoying as they always receive bug reports in their inbox. What's more, these reports have nothing to do with the Traits.

  Anyways whenever you attune to Air from a different attunement, somehow you auto target the closest monster (red, yellow whatever) and shoot an auto-Fireball in Air (as he attuned from Fire to Air). This is clearly a bug, but it's very annoying because when you want to run and attune to Air you auto-attack a mob making you "in combat" which also means you can't run anymore. And that happens on Staff and Scepter.

  In addition, this never happens if he attunes to any other element, not even from Air.

  And that not only happened for one player, many Guild Wars 2 gold players had the same experience when they were playing the game.

  If you use a non attack skill (like: windborn speed) or attunement swap while having a mob close to the centre of your screen (your target area) and within attack range you auto target it and shoot your auto attack (mostly skill #1 of your current attunement).

  Some players have tried to use Ctrl + Right Click to for turning off auto attack. And you need go manual on this build or aggro everything.

  And I think something could to be done with the auto-targeting function. We hope ArenaNet will fix it as soon as possible.

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