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Guild Wars 2—Violent Guardians in FOTM (1)

03/29/2013 AM
  We used to have talked about Guardians in Guild Wars 2. Haven’t you have found out something in common with Paladins in World of Warcraft? Good at Tanking, Healing and DPS, which made them so popular in FOTM (Fractals of the Mists). Here are some guides for Violent Guardians in Fotm for share:

  Weapon Set: Mace+Focus&Hammer

  Skills: True Strike (Pure Strike, Faithful Strike), Symbol of Faith, Protector’s Strike, Ray of Judgement, Shield of Wrath, Signet of Resolve, Hold the Line!"/Wall of Reflection, "Stand Your Ground!"/Shield of the Avenger, "Retreat!"/"Save Yourselves!", Renewed Focus;

  Armors with all PPC, and Trinkets, both of PPC, and PTV back, weapons of PTV, Greatsword (Superior Sigil of Strength), Superior Rune of Lyssa*6, Food(Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes,Master Maintenance Oil);

  3000+ Attack, 50%+ Crit Chance, 1500+Armor, 17000+ Life, this build could help team mates gain Might and Boon easily, if Guild Wars 2 gold players want to Tank then make full use of Aegis (F3, “Retreat”);

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