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Titles in Guild Wars 2 (1)

03/30/2013 PM

  After last update, there is a new faction where you could show off your achievements in Guild Wars 2—Title. If you have ever played some other MMORPG, you would find out, there might be some system that when you have finished some achievement, you would gain some title related. Now it comes to Guild Wars 2, for example, if you have explored all the maps, then you will gain Titles, like Been There, Done That, if you have completed all the dungeons of Guild Wars 2 gold, you will get a title, named Dungeon Master.

Here are Titles with requirements needed:
Been There, Done That  Explore All the maps
Slayer              2000 killings in PVP
Champion Slayer      200 killings in TPVP
Champion Brawler      1000 Victories in TPVP
Gladiator              8500 PVP Ranking Points
Mercenary          48500 PVP Ranking Points
Avenger              123,500 PVP Ranking Points
Ransacker          273,500 PVP Ranking Points
Marauder          723,500 PVP Ranking Points
Ravager              1,473,500 PVP Ranking Points
Reaper              2,973,500 PVP Ranking Points
Mist Walker          7,473,500 PVP Ranking Points
Ascendant          14,973,500 PVP Ranking Points
Champion Magus      150 Victories in TPVP with Elementalist
Champion Genius      150 Victories in TPVP with Engineer
Champion Paragon      150 Victories in TPVP with Guardian
Champion Illusionist  150 Victories in TPVP with Mesmer
Champion Phantom  150 Victories in TPVP with Necromancer
Champion Hunter      150 Victories in TPVP with Ranger
Champion Shadow      150 Victories in TPVP with Thief
Champion Legionnaire  150 Victories in TPVP with Warrior

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