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ArenaNet plans to expand the development of WvW system

04/01/2013 PM
  Guild Wars 2 Game Designer Matt Witter has published a small FAQ on the development of WvW system. In the post, he said that ArenaNet is not going to rest on our laurels and will continue to develop the system. First of all, they will put the WvW in the introduction to the Guild Wars 2 gold game new abilities and expand existing lines. The remaining information contained in the article was purely technical. Developers have made them clear that:

  - No World XP with the recently dead character is quite normal

  - Lowering the effects of previous levels of development works only in the lines Cannon Mastery and Ballista Mastery

  - Objectives of jobs in WvW (Objective Leaders) are not subject to capacity and Guard Killer Defense against Guard

  - Develop the capacity of Supply Capacity can increase the number of stores to 20

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