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Guild Wars 2 presents Retro Mode with Super Adventure Box

04/02/2013 PM
  ArenaNet had announced yesterday that a Retro Mode is adding into Guild Wars 2, in which the entire map will be transformed into a retro-style video game with aesthetics straight out of the 80s.

  "It started out just for fun as an idea for a side project," says Colin Johanson, Game Director of ArenaNet. “Originally, we were going to have a laugh with a fake 8-bit update, but the more the team worked on it the more we realized we had something really cool on our hands ".

  According to ArenaNet, the land of Tyria allows players to immerse themselves in a country of pixelated rabbits, giant mushrooms and with background music in the electronic retro style.

  And players can access Super Adventure Box near a portal in the Lion's Arch area, with three levels of retro-styled platforming with 256-colour graphics were added. When Fall damage is off, as well as exploring, players can swap baubles for weapons and skills inside the box, or even score souvenir weapon skins from Moto. Here we advise you to purchase a shovel once starting the mode because there is hidden treasure buried in corners and difficult-to-reach places of certain areas. If you are lack of enough Guild Wars 2 gold to buy a weapon, you can visit gw2goldbuyer.com.

  Super Adventure Box is available for the month of April, and can be obtained by visiting Moto in Rata Sum.

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