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What your opinions would be of an increased XP percentage?

04/04/2013 PM
  Guess that you play the Guild Wars 2 game normally, then log out of the game for more than a day, at your next log on, you have a boost in the xp you receive from everything. This only lasts for about an hour. What do you think of an increased XP percentage (for a limited amount of time) was incorporated into the game will make it work well?

  Some players may think that it might be a good idea to incorporate this system into Guild Wars 2 to make leveling much more accessible for those people who simply don't have the time to play every single day. They wouldn't have an advantage over other players - it would just be a small xp boost (like the xp boosts you receive from the gem store and black lion chests) to help them on their story.

  That main view is that the game is based on your own personal story. Yet you're constantly locked out of it because you're not the appropriate level. This system would be targeted more towards the people with busy lives, families, etc and would just allow them to play when they can and access their personal stories much more easily, rather than logging on and finding that they have to do another 10 events in order to access the next story mission.

  But other players have different views about it. They think that as the leveling is so quick, a rested xp mechanic is not really needed.

  Speeding up ultra-casual leveling will only get them to endgame faster, where they will hit a wall when it comes to gear up anyway.

  In my opinion, I think what's bad or good is up to debate and personal opinion, but my opinion is that it's bad when it interferes with competitive PvP environments or if it stonewalls players out of limited-opportunity content. GW2 isn't perfect in either of these regards, both side kicking and WvWvW needs tweaking, but it's unique among MMOs for even caring about this at all.

  What do you guys think about it? Would it be a good system or bad? Why? Do you want to make your leveling faster ? If you are lack of Guild Wars 2 gold, remember to buy some from gw2goldbuyer.com, we will provide you the cheapest price.

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