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Hot topic of taking the R out of RPG

04/05/2013 PM
  Yeah, the topic of "Taking the R out of RPG" is hot debated in Guild Wars 2 Guru for a long time. Here we'll go and see how players think about it:

  Some players insisted that we should take the "role" out of "Role Playing Game". They thought that the idea of different classes predates the holy trinity, and it really has its basis in pen-and-paper RPGs where you actually rolled your class and your attributes. There is the illusion of roles, but since everything is interchangeable, they aren't any real defining differences.

  Some may be able to do something better than others, but everyone can do the same thing. They feel that the lack of really different classes should take away from the team play of the game.

  How do you feel about the abandonment of specific classes being able to do specific things other classes can't do - which was a natural part of the old school pen and paper RPGs and which is lacking in GW2? Do you think that it could still be fun, if not MORE fun, to have other classes do things that are inherent to their class only and still leave the healing the way it is in GW2?

  But others thought that RPG is mainly about the story and being able to adjust the character to your liking - to play a certain role. The Trinity system really kind furthered your role-playing as you could be this legendary DPS, skilled healer or an unshakable tank. In GW2 it's a blend of it all, but mostly DPS specs prevail. And they think that GW2 is just as good of an MMORPG as it would've been with the trinity setup but hey, it's a matter of preference.

  And they also not considered that a class's function in a combat group an element of the "R" in "RPG". This sort of class role exists in shooters, RTS and any game with some sort of team focus and/or class dynamic. Hell, even Angry Birds have combat roles as that. I disagree with our good OP on this level. It does fit in to an extent, but it's a little more than insignificant for me at least. They think that what is lacking from the classes is a deeper feel of playing the role they're supposed to be playing.

  However, I think that the rules are still useful in the game only they're not tied to a class in this game. That doesn't mean every class is the same, apart from its own identity and game mechanic class also has some differences. An elementalist are very adaptable having at their disposal many varied skills in any situation. Necromancers are masters of conditions, they can exploit the conditions of allies for greater effect, guardians are better at support, thieves are great at the hit and run tactics etc.. There is a small distinguishing factor between the classes but nothing major that forces players in a class because else they loose out.

  And gw2 takes the role out of roleplay, I think it gives it in the hands of the players to do with it as they choose rather than box them in specific stereotypical choices.

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