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How to win against any other class as a thief?

04/07/2013 AM
  When you playing as a thief, have you ever find that it is really difficult to win against other classes?

  As D/d costs are so much initiative, players are also wising up and are always moving; so many times it's hard to get CnD off. Plus the only snare skill in D/d setup is dancing dagger and for the initiative cost that thing is junk.

  Also lately you'll see so much condition and snare at play. It's hard to even catch up to the enemy player.

  Against area of denial build, the thief also does very poorly. You have to avoid them, or you die, but if you avoid them, then you aren't capping points.

  So this may leave you to pump all your points into strength and crit, but the build is not survivable at all. If you target the wrong guy, you're toast and have to wait a full minute for the skills to recharge, in the mean time you'd be at the mercy of other players.

  The other way is to play the bunker, but we have so few utilities for this except for stealth and they all got a really long cd. They're good enough to make sure you can disengage, but not good enough to actually get a kill.

  So how do you win at all? Or you just need to have a carrion mentality and feed off the weak and dying via a few well placed backstab?

  Some players suggest that the problem with 80% of thieves is that they are noobies and think they can just be 1-2shot every class in the game and no skill is required. This is why you see almost everyone play one in spvp and wvw.

  Or others may think that the best way to figure out the thief is to play a d/p thief. It has everything you need, if you want to play skillfully. Otherwise, when it comes to d/d thieves, it's all about landing your cnd and backstabs. You want to get good with d/d? Force yourself to not use Basilisk Venom. You'll start to see how critical it will be to land all of your cnd's and items. Btw, using your steal skill helps close the distance - try to avoid using heartseeker to close distance because initiative is valuable. The trick with dancing daggers is to be pre-emptive about it you want to hit them before they go "oh crap" and start getting distance from you. The biggest problem with d/d thieves is their lack of an interrupt built into their attack bar though - interrupts are money when you see your opponent healing.

  Maybe with some equipment, you may play skillfully and that will help you, if you are in need of Guild Wars 2 gold and other items, just let us know, we will try our best to serve you.

  So what do you have any good advice?

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