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Guild Wars 2: How to do the mushroom jumps simply?

04/08/2013 AM
  Today we have a post from ArenaNet about Super Adventure Box. This time we have learned some pro tips during us doing the mushroom jumps.

  Yeah, when you want to travel large distances, please make sure that when you hit the wsad direction key the moment your toon is in the crouched position just before his feet leave the shroom. You need to keep holding the key until you reach the desired spot then let go.

  Or if you want to travel small distances or want to reposition yourself to take a leap, you need just hit the wsad direction keys only while in mid air.

  You should always bounce a few times before you taking the next leap. This will give you hight. To check that you have reached maximum hight simply rotates your camera to the horizontal position. This is a great way of checking which shroom should be your next target by the way.

  What's more, you might notice that sometimes when bouncing multiple times on a single shroom, there are some bounces where your character crouches and then a single bounce where your character doesn't crouch. Those bounce that don't crouch are usually those that made me fail.

  So we suggest you waiting a few bounces until the non-crouch appears, then make your jump after a single crouch bounce afterwards. And you may also need some Guild Wars 2 gold to improve your weapons and then having little difficulty doing the mushroom jumps.

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