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Places to get the slingshot

04/08/2013 AM
  Since many Guild Wars 2 players have reflected that they're having problems in finding the slingshot. Here we will share some tips for you to find the slingshot faster.

  First, you may find one in the shop to the right of the checkpoint at King Toad.

  Second, you may also find a slingshot right before the frog boss. As you are standing at the checkpoint platform for his turn to your right smack a gator and jump on his back to shop directly in front of you.

  As the slingshot is useful for tagging crocs across the somehow deadly green swamp water and such, some people also use it for stuff like bee dog queen but yeah like most the additional stuff its not all that useful, so some Guild Wars 2 gold may be necessary for you to buy the weapons you need.

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