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GW2: 20,000 exclusive Trial Keys are giving for free in Germany

04/09/2013 PM
Do you want to test Guild Wars 2 without spending a cent? Here we have a good news for you: Together with ArenaNet in April, buffed.de is giving away the impressive number of 20,000 trial keys. With these keys, you can try it for free for three days of the MMO. This action is available in Germany now. 

Guild Wars 2 free to try for three days without restrictions - this is normally not possible. While ArenaNet does not require monthly fees for games, and you have to usually buy the MMO to have them to spend a holiday in Tyria sample. But now buffed.de is giving away exclusive in Germany 20,000 trial keys with which you can allude to three days alone - without restrictions.

That really a good news for Guild Wars 2 players, maybe some Guild Wars 2 gold will be helpful for you to leveling faster and enjoy a more interesting game.

The lottery runs from April 16th to April 18th, in which you can win the codes. Later than the evening of the 18th April, we will send you the keys so you can start on time with the client download. The test phase then runs from April19th to April 21th. Do not miss the start of the competition!

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