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Warn: "Guild Wars Account Notice" is the phishing email

04/09/2013 PM
Last evening ArenaNet announced a statement via twitter that all Guild Wars 2 players should exercise caution while receiving a mail with the subject of "Guild Wars Account Notice".Because it is not an official but a phishing email! 

On twitter, a player told them that he had received four emails from the "ArenaNet" which told him that there was a suspicion that he wanted to sell his account - link to alleged Login inclusive.

The developer then stressed in several tweets that it RELATES mail is a phishing attempt at such (and similar) and strongly recommends players do not click on the hyperlinks.

Some people are getting emails titled "Guild Wars Account Notice". This is a phishing email, not from us, do not click the link inside. ~ RB2

- Guild Wars 2 (@ GuildWars2) 8 April 2013
@ ajlee17 It's a phishing email, not from us. Delete, and do not follow any links within. # GW2 ~ RB 2

- Guild Wars 2 (@ GuildWars2) 8 April 2013

Here we suggest our Guild Wars 2 to protect your account safety and do not click any links. If there is any need of buying Guild Wars 2 gold or items, gw2goldbuyer.com may be the safest option for you.

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