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Big family photo of Super Adventure Box team

04/11/2013 PM
  As the Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box has released for some days, and you may wonder what a great team could develop such a great game, here let's have a look at this:

  The Super Adventure Box team, from left to right:

  Daniel White is our programming magician. He gave us the power to swap out the UI, upgraded the missile code and combat system to get us that old school combat mechanic feel, and got our physics to work with wacky things like bounce mushrooms.

  Lisa Davis is the one who brought everything together and made it go. She scripted all the creatures, skills, secrets, and figured out how to make it all work in one coherent whole. A truly magnificent feat!

  Jeff Weber was our primary prop and creature artist. He built most of the walls, rocks, clouds, critters, and pretty much everything you see in SAB.

  James Smith is our producer extraordinaire who somehow managed to hear all our cats in the same direction. Apparently we wore him out so he couldn't make it to the picture. Photoshop to the rescue!

  Josh Foreman built maps and coordinated the project.

  Trevor Howell brought all our boxy creatures to life with style. He also had to learn to break dance before animating the spiders.

  Jason Wiggin built Super Adventure Box that sits in Rata Sum, made our weapon skins and the in-game items like the candle, bomb, pointy stick, etc., and the beautiful dancing flowers.

  Byron Miller is our principal QA guy (or Secretsfindah), but most importantly, came up with the idea of the bee dog.

  So great a team, you guys are amazing! The art, level design and sound effects are all stellar. To all the team, there has been a big hat off. Loved the April Fools midi music, got me excited for whatever it was leading to. Then BAM, SUPER MEGA FUN TIME ADVENTURE QUESTING GAMING ENTERTAINMENT PORTAL SYSTEM CUBE BOX! Love it, LOVE IT! Have outdone yourselves, keep up the good work and ingenuity, and look forward to future events from yourselves and the rest of the team there at A-Net.

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