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Get your dye packs on gem store or gain them free in-game

04/15/2013 AM
  From the official news of Guild Wars 2, the dye packs now are available.

  As you may see Flame & Frost-themed dye packs are now arrived in the GW2DB, which of them are currently at 20% off on sale for a limited time. If you do not want to gain them in game, you may just pay some Guild Wars 2 gold for buying them.

  Some players may think it is a waste to spend their money on purchasing dyes packs. Because 200 Gems = 14 Dyes instead of 7 Dyes. You can get them from the game by yourself, just copy/paste these codes into your chat panel, you will see what your character look like sporting them:

  Flame Dyes

  Charred: [&AgEdowAA]

  Cinders: [&AgEcowAA]

  Flame: [&AgEYowAA]

  Flare: [&AgEbowAA]

  Molten: [&AgEZowAA]

  Pyre: [&AgEaowAA]

  Frost Dyes

  Deep Glacial Sky: [&AgEVowAA]

  Deep Glacial Teal: [&AgESowAA]

  Glacial Sky: [&AgEWowAA]

  Glacial Teal: [&AgETowAA]

  Shiver Sea: [&AgEUowAA]

  Shiver Sky: [&AgEXowAA]

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