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Guild Wars 2: Changing the WvW reset time and updating the ranking

04/17/2013 AM
  Developers of ArenaNet have decided to bring changes of WvW match resets time for two hours. In addition, an update of ranking may ensure you see your ranking when comparing with other players.

  On the official forums for online role-playing game Guild Wars 2 community manager Ramon Domke announces that the developers have decided the time at which encounters in WvW be reset is preferred permanently by two hours. This measure is based on the fact that it should allow more players to the European worlds of Guild Wars 2 to participate right from the start of the new compilation. The reset time is starting this week on Saturday's 00:00 clock and no longer on 02:00 o `clock at night.

  Furthermore, there's also an update to the rankings, you can see on the immediately where your ranking is compared to others on the leaderboard. Just log-in to the leaderboards web site and you will see your percentile ranking as the top line of the leaderboard!

  Do you want to have a try on the new update? If you want to make it much easier, you'd better buy some Guild Wars 2 gold to strengthen your equipment, and play more to improve your skills, so that you can take a great place in the new ranking.

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