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What’s new in the coming update April 30 in Guild Wars 2?

04/27/2013 PM
Reported by Steve Bikun and Evan Lesh from ArenaNet, there will be some interesting content in the coming update on April 30 in Guild Wars 2—Custom Arenas:

As we all know that Guild Wars 2 is always leading the way of creation on MMORPG mode, which did have rewarded themselves a lot of reputations over this field from Prevue to Released. 

Custom Arenas does have excited a lot of PVP fans as it was announced. You have been expecting what the PVP set would look like and observing the top players’ playing, don’t you? Some of you might be some confused about why they could make so much damages, and how they made such a set of amazing gears. If they have bought gw2 gold to buy stuffs from Gem Stores or they have their own farm team? Whatever, it seems it is going to be more open, isn’t it? How do you think about it?

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