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Guild wars 2 equipment trading volumes decline

05/08/2013 PM

  Every month, gw2goldbuyer will make a brief summary about the sales status of the last month at the beginning a month. And according to the summary of April, Guild wars 2 equipment trading volumes decline a lot.

  Even though, the whole sales status is the best of the past four month, the total sales of Guild wars 2 gold, and material all make a big improvement. But the situation of the equipments is not that good, it decline by about 20% compared with March, which surpass our exception.

  It may caused by the low price promotion of the materials, as for the price of materials drops that players are more willing to forge the equipments all by themselves.

  To alleviate this situation, in May, the equipments will have a promotion, so if you want to buy one, take chance.

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